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Before clicking Beam button...

Important feature for our constant guests

Before your start at Beam Bending problem (Timik application - Beam button) we strongly recommend to clear browser cache and history. The subject is frequent upgrading and testing our software. As your browser saves the Silverlight application in cache for more fast access you as a case may continue use old version of our software.
Also if Timik application shows error window please clear browser cache and/or history. In this case you probably use our some test version of software.
Feel free to ask Timik new features through community as well as any other suggestions.

Students, Lecturers and Engineers are Welcome

We are of opinion that good software does not need in large amount of help tutorials, documentation and so on. As you are engineer, lecturer or student we tried to make Timik software as intuitively understandable as possible. However there are few simple conceptual things:

  • By clicking on Add Beam button the new Beam will appear within working canvas (Sky blue color).
  • Selected Beam. After adding a Beam to scene we can click on it by mouse left button. In this case detected Beam will have status of Selected Beam. The color of Selected Beam will changed. Only Selected Beam can be under distributed load and we can also change it's characteristics like Moment Inertia and Length. Selected Beam can be moved by mouse.
  • Selected Node. By the same way we can provide a status of Selected Node for any Nodes on scene. If scene contains Selected Node then we can load it by Concentrated Force and Moment. Also we can put here movable support or rigid restraint fixing.
  • And few words about Editor's keystrokes and general scene translations. Mouse wheel - scene zooming, Space+Mouse left button - moving of canvas, Alt+Mouse left button -  increase (not zooming) of working canvas.
  • If you wish to translate all the Loading Scheme you can click on Select All button at top of window and drag and drop scheme.
  • Only free (without Nodes) Beam can be removed.
  • At top right part of window it exists a Start button for solution providing. For results analysing it is necessary to click on Bending YZ item (near Loading Scheme item).

We will very glad to read your opinion within our community forum at